Experience for Leveling in Runescape

If you wish to purchase herbs, it will be around 150-160K/hour for the summer garden and there will be no profit off pick fruit. If you used this guide for 99 thieves, and the excellent work! Earnings per hour for that around 100K per hour if you include the scepter of the lighthouse casual. Once you’re done with the maze, pick fruit, and use it with the glass of beer to make juice. You will then be given juice to Osman, near the castle of Al Kharid experience thief, this part of the road to 99 is a thief of the most fun and go fast enough.

This mini-game takes place in Sophanem. You must end the quest Icthlarin Little Helper to do this mini-game. Anyway, when you are there, just take your potions and food and get ready to rob a pyramid and runescape gold! Pyramid Plunder time! It will be extremely annoying and painful to most people! But it will go very quickly, 245K xp to level 91! For this mini-game, you will need a lot of super poison potions and food (monkfish / shark) for each voyage of the pyramid, make super Ant poisons 3 and 12 sharks.

Then ignore the polls, they have little or no experience in the hotel rooms early. Then keep doing it until the level 61 room, then start looking at the ballot box, but be careful! There are poisonous snakes hidden! Occasionally, you will receive a rod of Pharaoh, they are worth about 500K. You can keep them or sell them to the grand award. Why are they worth so much? Simply looking until you find a mummy and talk to him first. On each piece at the entrance, will be launching a trap, you will need to disable it. Then move on the huge chest in the middle.

This is because you can teleport to the minigame with this baby! But it has three charges, in order to recharge, you should use it with the mummy at pyramid plunder, at a cost. You will need to pay money some of the ornaments you have plundered for charging and rs gold. This can also teleport to levels of up to 30 wilderness, unlike the rest of teleports that can teleport at level 20 wilderness and less. Anyway, just do this until level 99, it will be rather dull and you might be dreaming mummies to continue for months, long after you got the skillcape.


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