Austin – Kaepernick – Golden – Collectibles No Longer Auctionable


Tavon Austin has 3 career punt returns. One each year for the last 3 years. None this year so far. So stastically, it’s probably about a 10% chance.

Kapernick had 1 TD last week in his first game back. Last year he threw 2 TDS 3 times in 9 games. He’s going against TB this week who are middle of the road vs pass statistically.

Rotoworld says:

Colin Kaepernick will remain the 49ers’ starting quarterback for Week 7.
“Good” is too strong of a word for Kaepernick’s Week 6 performance, but “better than Blaine Gabbert” certainly applies. Kap has a less daunting Week 7 opponent in the Bucs, but still can’t be considered more than a low-end QB2. Kap’s passing mechanics and time management remain a mess. The key to any fantasy value will be his usage on the ground. He ran the rock eight times for 66 yards against the Bills.

I really wouldn’t put the chance of him getting 2+ passing TDs greater than 20%.

Golden had only 4 sacks last year, but has 6 already this year in 6 games. Arizona has Seattle Sunday Night. The Seahawks have only given up 10 sacks so far this year, 9th best in the NFL. I guess this one is about 50/50, but it’s pretty much irrelevant because the card will have the same value whether it hits or not.


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